DEGITECH SOLUTIONS is one of the foremost Information Technology (IT) provider in Nigeria. It is our aim to offer top quality, firstclass and expedient services in the field of Information Technology. Our aims also covers forging a partnership so that our customers can develop and profit from our Computer Technology.


Degitech Solutions is made up of efficient and experience personnel always ready to attend to customers problems. We are commited to providing excellent and quality service in our chosen fields like Information Technology consultancy, Maintenance and Repairs, Trainings, Web design and digital solutions, Computer, mobile phones and accessories supply.


The benefits of selecting Degitech Solutions for your IT projects include providing you with a cost effective Information technology solutions, extraordinary track record of improving client work flow and efficiencies, deep domain knowledge and expertise in all our chosen fields, talented team with impeccable references and past performance.

About Us

Degitech Solutions is aimed at providing a quality and excellent services in our chosen IT field. Degitech Solutions has successfully delivered IT products and services such as Laptops, Desktops, web designs, networking to various local businesses and organizations. Our services ranges from supplying of computers (Laptops & Desktops), computer networking, telecommunications to maintenance and repairs.... READ MORE



Degitech solutions provides professional website design and web application development services for schools, churches, hotels, hospitals etc. We help businesses unleash their full potentials through modern and functional design which is not only skin deep, but improves the experience of users. We create nothing but exceptional websites that stand out of the crowd.


Degitech Solutions offers a professional IT Solutions to ensure our clients success. We are commited to efficiently solving problems, We recommend and implement options to prevent problems and increase productivity. Our experienced expert computer professional team provides reliable IT consulting and support services and managed IT solutions your business can count on for greater productivity and profitability. It will be our pleasure to work for your project and company on long term business relationship contact.We will be very glad to provide services for your organization.


In demanding business environments, you need desktops, laptops, Tablets and other computer accessories. Our goal is to make the IT infrastructure become so reliable, pervasive and simple to use that it becomes invisible. It doesn’t matter if you’re office-based or mobile, we all need suitable computers to complete our day-to-day tasks and activities. Degitech Solutions can supply and deploy the right PC, laptop or Mac for you. We can provide the full installation and data transfer setup service; cleaning off all pre-installed bloatware that slows down the computer & installing the software applications and data you need. We also have vast experience in troubleshooting hardware and software problems with existing computers and laptops, including all Microsoft Windows operating systems and Microsoft Office applications.